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Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm, Weekends by Appointment Only
Tel: 01620 880763

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About Scottish Kitcar Centre


The company was established in 2002 where upon we primarily started our journey gas flowing cylinder heads and building performance engines. We very quickly became well established in this field and in 2012 we supplied an 180bhp engine to York based driver Russ Simpson who won the British Rally Cross Championship and again in 2015 we gained another Championship win with Dom Booth in his Peugeot 106 GTI rally car. In 2010 more and more of our engines were finding homes in Lotus 7 type Kitcars and purely by chance I was building my own MK Indy. The next natural progression was for us to find a chassis supplier in which we could fit out performance engines into after all these cars are all about performance. It very quickly became apparent that there was an untapped market in Scotland.


In October 2016 we took the decision to upgrade our chassis making our Raptor chassis totally unique. We also moved the fabrication of the new chassis to a new supplier. The choice to use this type of chassis was very easy as it offered a F1 style push rod suspension, as well as being very light it also offers the largest cockpit that we have seen in any other chassis, so long gone are the days that you need to be 5ft 2” to drive one. With the exception of the chassis and wishbones all other parts are sourced locally and the cars are wired and built in house. Our vast experience in building bespoke competition engines also means that these units can be built and tuned in house. In 2016 we took the decision to add another Raptor model range this being the Raptor CS (club sport). The CS is a non-road legal Raptor that is primary built for Motorsport applications.

Hourly Rates

Our hourly rates are as follows:-


Engine Work £85 p/h
Electrical Wiring Work £90 p/h
Welding Works (Mig/Tig/Alloy) £80 p/h
General Mechanical Fitting Work £70 p/h


We pride ourselves on being very open in the work and services we offer our customers. We have found that Facebook is a fantastic platform in which to spread awareness of the services and quality of the workmanship that we deliver to our customers. In most cases we take initial photograph projects as they enter the door and then we build up a comprehensive build album as the project develops into the completed article. Please feel free to look at these build albums at any time as they are for valuable detailed technical information on the type of works that are required and the skill levels that are needed to aid you in building your car.


Our Facebook page can be found below, just click onto photos and then albums.
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We are based in East Lothian in the old WW1 Army camp base East Fortune.  We work out of a 2600 square foot workshop which used to be the old Army canteen.



East Fortune History

With the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, the Admiralty was tasked with establishing a string of home defence airfields along the south eastern seaboard of the United Kingdom, from Edinburgh to the south coast of England.

In September 1915 the Director of Naval Air Services gave approval for an air station to be opened at East Fortune and, due to its proximity to stretches of the North Sea, the Admiralty decided to station airships for carrying out sea-lane patrols there.

The first aircraft arrived in September 1915: two-seat Scouts and a Maurice Fairman from the air station in Montrose. Over the following months more types arrived, Avro 504s and B.E.2c and the first airships, midway through 1916, for which two large hangars were erected.

Air attack on Edinburgh
The air defences at East Fortune were put to the test on the night of 2 April 1916, when two German Navy Zeppelins attacked Edinburgh. One of them was spotted over the coast near St Abbs and East Fortune was notified. At 21.40 hours Flight Sub-Lieutenant Cox took off in an Avro 504C single-seat fighter to intercept the raider but was unable to find it. He returned to East Fortune only to crash his machine on landing and he was badly injured.

We are currently the home to Scotland’s only Concorde in which we are less than a mile away from and would highly recommend a visit.



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